SNK Developer Asks Fans About A Possible Metal Slug Reboot

SNK Developer Asks Fans About A Possible Metal Slug Reboot

Even while hyping up the recent release of the NEOGEO Mini, it seems like SNK’s developers are wondering if they should revive a timeless classic.

In a review with Dualshockers, Yasuyuki Oda suddenly posed a hypothetical question about the future of the Metal Slug franchise. Namely, he asks fans if they would still like to keep the ‘one-hit-kill’ mechanic that made the arcade series so difficult.

Check out the blurb below:

“If we rebooted Metal Slug in some way, would they [gamers] be happy with the same “one hit you die” mechanic? Do gamers today think we should put it out that way?

Obviously there is a lot of stuff that people want us to reboot. We have people asking for Garou [Fatal Fury], people asking for Art of Fighting, people asking for Last Blade, people asking for Metal Slug… We would love to do all of them for obvious reasons. There are always discussions going on, but whenever we get down to it and we start talking about Metal Slug we start thinking, is it ok to put out a game like that nowadays?”

While it has been years since a new Metal Slug game, maybe some development gears are already churning in the background! Metal Slug fans should try tweeting Oda-san their thoughts at @snk_oda!

In the meantime, you can find the full interview here.