Some Japanese Switch Owners Unhappy With Updated Switch Model

Some Japanese Switch Owners Unhappy With Updated Switch Model

A few hours ago, Nintendo announced an updated model of the original Nintendo Switch that would offer up to 2.5 hours more battery life than the original model.

This new model, set to launch in late August 2019 in Japan at the same 29,980 yen suggested retail price as the current model, has made some early adopters upset.

Here’s what some of them said:

“After the passing of the previous president (Satoru Iwata) the company started engaging in dirty business eh?”

Many have asked whether it’s possible to turn in their old models for the improved models, and felt this should have been done from the beginning.

“This feels so harsh. I’m a longtime Nintendo fan, but I can’t buy a new model as I’m having an exam. Is it possible for Nintendo to let us exchange to the new model? Please.”

“Should have done it from the beginning…”

“Costs the same as the current model. This hurts current users.”

“Back when the price of the 3DS was reduced, early adopters were given GBA and NES games as a way to apologize for the reduction in price. Are you going to do this again for us early adopters?”

“Could you please offer a battery upgrade service for us current model users? Don’t mind paying for it.”

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