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w8, Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Receives Its First Teaser Poster | NintendoSoup
Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Receives Its First Teaser Poster

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Receives Its First Teaser Poster

Nearly a year ago, SEGA revealed that they would be producing a Sonic the Hedgehog feature film. While details are still slowing opening up, we know that it will be a blend of live-action and CGI, much like Nintendo’s Detective Pikachu.

Today, SEGA finally released the movie’s first teaser poster to the public – with a silhouette of this film’s Sonic design. For now, it’s an animated poster on IGN’s Instagram page, but we have captured a still of it below.

What do you think of the blue speedster’s design in the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.