Space Cows Heading To Nintendo Switch In 2019

Space Cows Heading To Nintendo Switch In 2019

Alien invasions will be getting really strange on Nintendo Switch next year.

Developers Happy Corruption and Walkabout Games have confirmed via Twitter that Space Cows is heading to Switch in 2019. The wacky physics-based game follows a unlucky farmer’s quest to retrieve his bovine friend from (what else) aliens.

While we await more details, check out the game’s original steam trailer below.

Space Cows is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter about saving cows and fighting mootants with a laser-scoped plunger, set on an infested milk station in zero gravity.

Best Regards, a friendly chubby farmer, was happily living at a farm with his beloved cow Betsy. One day he refused to sell his bestie so spook took her to a space milk station. Armed with a toilet plunger, he decided to fight hordes of mootants and save his friend.

Fly naked through an infested space milk station. Fight mootants with laser-scoped plunger. Save your beloved cow Betsy.

  • Fight swarms of enemies in intense zero gravity combat
  • Use physics and environment to your advantage
  • Save cows by mastering minigames