Spike Chunsoft Launches Mysterious ‘Nine Eyes TV’ Teaser Website

Spike Chunsoft Launches Mysterious ‘Nine Eyes TV’ Teaser Website

It seems like the creators at Spike Chunsoft are now working on something interesting behind the scenes!

The developer has launched a mysterious new “Nine Eyes TV” website that tasks users with solving some puzzles to discover a password. Along with this, Spike Chunsoft shared the following message:

“The link leads you to a strange space filled with what look like floating eyes. Clicking on one reveals that the eye lens is actually a television screen displaying a cryptic clue. Perhaps the code hidden in each clue will lead to the password…

Who created this puzzle, and more importantly, can you solve it?

Share your findings with other code crackers using the Twitter hashtag #NineEyesTV.”

Even more interestingly, a quick look at the site’s source code reveals the URL “https://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/ai-nirvana/en” which suggests that this site may be teasing a follow-up to Spike Chunsoft’s AI: The Somnium Files, possibly called “AI: Nirvana“.

We’ll report back as we hear more in the future. Stay tuned!