SPOILERS: Major Plot Points And Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits For Detective Pikachu

SPOILERS: Major Plot Points And Behind-The-Scenes Tidbits For Detective Pikachu

Do not read on if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Ahead of its release date on May 10th, the folks at Nerdist have revealed some juicy details about Detective Pikachu. Some of these have already been discussed or hinted at in our previous articles, but there is a lot of interesting new stuff too. Be warned however, that some of these details could be considered spoilers for the movie, especially for people who haven’t played the original game.

Check out the scoop below at your own risk!

– 60 Pokemon was chosen as the target number, as that would be enough for main characters and background Pokemon
– every scene was filmed two-to-three times
– there’s a reference pass with the puppets, and then another pass with puppets removed and just real actors
– some scenes had people in costumes to use as references for the actors
– there’s a woman who work a Psyduck costume during the shooting of some scenes, but again, this was just for reference
– the crew went through the whole film with Ryan Reynolds on a soundstage and in a motion-capture helmet
– for later filming, there’s someone else who reads Ryan’s lines, and the other actors have to remember Ryan’s performance
– they do fix some stuff in post with Ryan Reynolds
– Justice Smith had an earpiece where he could hear Ryan’s lines as Pikachu
– to represent Charizard’s fiery tail, the team had special lights on set that actors could follow
– there were also lights to light up the crowd when Charizard spouts fire
– Tim starts the movie having a particular aversion towards Pokémon because of the relationship he’s had with his father
– Tim’s mother passed away on the day that he was supposed to get his first Pokémon
– Tim originally loved Pokemon, but lost the love due to his mother’s passing, and he comes to find that love again
– Psyduck spends most of his time in the movie riding around in Lucy’s backpack
– this was done to make sure Psyduck could keep up the speed of the other characters during intense scenes
– Lucy’s actress carried a “giant blue tape ball” on her back that was 20-30 pounds in place of Psyduck
– the movie’s fashion was inspired by 90’s Japanese streetwear, as well as the anime
– Sebastian, the night club owner, has a Charizard tattoo on his chest
– Sebastian injects his Charizard with some sort of drug that increases its aggressiveness
– Tim and Pikachu meet Lucy, who gives them a tip that there’s a gas that’s making Pokémon go crazy
– the club/underground arena is where people are battling Pokemon illegally
– Pokemon are being drugged to make them fight against their will

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