Spoilers: The Full Plot For Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Spoilers: The Full Plot For Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Today on May 3, Pokemon Detective Pikachu open at theaters across Japan, making Japan the first country to watch the film before the rest of the world.

Thanks to Reddit user razorbeamz we could now share with you a rough summary of the entire plot of Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Based on the details from the plot we think it will surprise and entertain many people, even those who have played the games. As the plot contains spoilers, proceed at your own risk.

Plot and spoilers after the next two images:

Tim and his friend who we never see again are in a forest trying to catch a Cubone. The Cubone escapes, and then Tim gets a call from the Ryme City Police Department saying his dad has died.

He goes to Ryme City, a city where there are no Pokéballs or Pokémon battles and people and Pokémon live in harmony. He goes to the police station to get the details on his dad’s death and then he goes to his dad’s apartment to try to clean up some things. On his way up to the apartment he meets a reporter girl, Lucy.

There he finds a strange vial full of purple gas, and it sprays everywhere making some Aipoms outside go crazy. He runs into Pikachu in the scene you saw in the trailer, and he learns that he can understand Pikachu and no one else can. He assumes it’s because of exposure to the purple gas.

Then the Aipoms break through the window and cause a lot of chaos. They escape and then go to a coffee bar to discuss what’s going to happen next. Pikachu decides that Tim’s dad probably isn’t actually dead, so they start to look for him.

They decide to trace down the source of R, the purple drug that made the Aipoms go crazy. They go to Lucy’s office where she had been investigating the source of R on her own, and they go to an underground Pokémon fighting league.

There Pikachu fights a Charizard that’s hopped up on R, and just barely escape. They learn about the facility where R was produced and decide to investigate.

There they learn that the founder of the city was using Mewtwo’s DNA to produce R with the goal of using Mewtwo’s body as his own. The founder sprays R all over a giant parade and puts humans in Pokémon’s bodies to give them a new life or something.

Tim manages to take the brain transfer helmet off of the founder and then Mewtwo fixes everything.

Mewtwo is revealed to have saved Tim’s dad by putting him in Pikachu’s body and in the very end Ryan Reynolds is there and gives him a train ticket to go back to the town he’s from, and Tim decides to stay with his dad and become a detective.

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