Starfox Dev Reveals Miyamoto’s Passion For British Choclate Biscuits

Starfox Dev Reveals Miyamoto’s Passion For British Choclate Biscuits

In a series of posts on Twitter, former lead programmer on Starfox Dylan Cuthbert shared a little bit about his experience working with Nintendo, revealing an interesting tidbit about Shigeru Miyamoto’s taste in midnight snacks.

Recalling fond memories of pulling a few all-nighters during the development of Starfox, Cuthbert recounted a time where the team went out on a late-night snack run together with the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. During this outing, Miyamoto started reminiscing about his school days, and revealed his favorite food to eat while studying: McVities Chocolate Biscuits.

You can read the entirety of Cuthbert’s story below, quoted from this Twitter thread.

Reflections of a Heisei programmer: During Star Fox we only did a few late nighters, and when I say late night, I mean working until the wee hours of the morning preparing a build for the lot check at Uji or something like that. I enjoyed them thoroughly as that kind of thing works as a catalyst to bond the team and the game was exciting to work on, I don’t recommend them often but every once in a while they can be fun like staying out past your bedtime when you were a kid.

Anyway.. on one of those nights Miyamoto was also there with us tuning last minute stuff and playing through the game and we all decided we needed some snacks and sustenance so at about 3am we all trudged out into the wintry night: Eguchi, Miyamoto, Yamada, Imamura, Watanabe and all, to trek to the nearest convenience store which I think was a Lawson’s, and on the way Miyamoto was chatting about his student days and how he used to do all nighters to cram before tests and student exhibitions. Then his eyes suddenly lit up.

”I used to love McVities chocolate biscuits during those all nighters” he said, “those are British aren’t they?”, to which I nodded, quite surprised he knew of them. I asked him how he had got hold of them and he told me that most convenience store in Japan had them. I had just never noticed! We arrived at the Lawson’s and lo and behold right there on the shelf were mcvities chocolate biscuits!.

So we bought four boxes (they came in boxes and not the wrapped cylinder type presentation usual in the UK) on that cold December night and the whole team munched them happily together while we solved the last few bugs on StarFox. The sad part of this story is that stores in japan no longer sell mcvities chocolate biscuits so if you ever have the chance to visit Miyamoto from the Uk, you should bring him a pack as a present 🙂 (and some for me too!)

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