Strategy Board Game Evolution Announced For Switch, Launches 2020

Strategy Board Game Evolution Announced For Switch, Launches 2020

Nintendo Switch fans will soon be able to experience the thrills of evolving on the go – with an novel take on the boardgame genre!

North Star Games have revealed that Evolution will be hitting Nintendo Switch in Early 2020. The strategy battling game sees players powering up their creature cards with more and more powerful adaptations – so as to crush the competition! Of course, the game also includes online multiplayer for more competitive folks.

Check out the Switch reveal trailer below, along with a brief description:

Since its launch, the Evolution game series has helped more than 3 million players make Charles Darwin proud. The North Star development team continues to add new features to the game to prepare for Switch, with the introduction of monthly multiplayer tournaments and more.

In Evolution, players selectively develop a species to survive the harsh realities of the natural world. Start from the humblest with an intuitive tutorial to learn while you play and decide which features would benefit the creatures the most. Are they at risk of being eaten by predators? The horns or a hard shell can provide protection. Can’t find enough food every shift? The long neck feature makes previously inaccessible foods a valuable resource.

Play with the almost infinite amount of genetic combinations while enjoying new illustrations, animations and a campaign mode with enemy bosses controlled by AI. Enjoy these epic battles to survive anywhere with the flexibility of Nintendo Switch. The multiplayer Pass and play mode allows a whole room of friends to try to build the most capable species.

For those who prefer online gaming, they can try the multiplatform multiplayer mode offered by opponents from around the world. Combined with a skill-based pairing system, fast and balanced competitions are always available.