Suda51 On Getting Inspirations From Dragon Ball Series

Suda51 On Getting Inspirations From Dragon Ball Series

As the Dragon Ball franchise prepares for its upcoming Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball FighterZ, GameInformer conducted an interview with a couple of developers on how the franchise has influenced their games. One of them happened to be Suda51, known for his No More Heroes series.

In the interview, he said

I may have subconsciously picked up inspiration from the Dragon Ball series. In the [Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes], there’s the console, the Death Drive MK-II, and the games for that console aren’t cartridges or CDs, they’re balls called “Death Balls.” Since the console and the games are sort of like a phantom console and phantom games, there’s really not that many in existence. There were only six games that were made for the console, and there’s only one copy for each of those games that exists, so if a player goes and collects all six of those game balls, they can have a wish granted, which is pretty much the same as Dragon Ball Z. I may have been subconsciously inspired by the whole Dragon Ball concept when I thought of that. Maybe if you collect all six balls, a huge tiger will appear or something. [laughs]

It is amazing to see how such an influential franchise can make its way into so many things, even games. If you are interested to see what other developers have to say about Dragon Ball, you can head on down to GameInformer here.

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