Suda51 Wants To Make Killer7 Extended Cut For Consoles

Suda51 Wants To Make Killer7 Extended Cut For Consoles

During an interview with Nintendolife, Suda51 said that he hopes to release an extended version of Killer7 for consoles.

Originally released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005, Killer7 is an action adventure game with a strong cult-following for its interesting visual style and concept. According to Suda51 however, the released game only uses about one third of his original script. With Capcom holding the publishing rights for the game, he hopes to one day work with them to create a completed version of the game.

I had a very interesting conversation recently with the producer at Capcom, [Hiroyuki] Kobayashi-san and we promised each other that we will make a completed version of Killer7 in the future. Only one third of my original script was used for the game, so there was 60% not used at all.

So the complete version will cover all of my script. It’s not 100% going to happen of course, but maybe in the future we’ll be able to deliver the complete version of Killer7. I’ll do it before I retire!

Although Killer7 received a PC remaster last year, it has yet to be ported over to any modern consoles. When asked about potential console ports, Suda51 said it would ultimately be up to Capcom, but he was definitely aiming for them in the future.

I want to be involved in the process. It may take a bit of time, but it’s definitely one of my goals.

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