Super Mario Maker 2 Cheers Up Gamer’s Crying Daughter

Super Mario Maker 2 Cheers Up Gamer’s Crying Daughter

Today we have a heartwarming piece of news to share with you about a Japanese gamer father’s experience with Super Mario Maker 2.

The gamer purchased a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 at launch, and his 6 year old daughter had been struggling with the game’s “very difficult” Story Mode. The difficulty of stages in Story Mode had been making his daughter “cry non-stop”.

He explained his daughter didn’t know how to make her own stages as she’s too young to understand making them, so there wasn’t much that Super Mario Maker 2 could offer to her other than Story Mode.

Thankfully, he found a way to entertain her daughter in Super Mario Maker 2 – looking for courses made by other players in the world.

By searching for “Easy” and “Standard” courses online, crisis was averted as the daughter could now enjoy playing easy courses in Super Mario Maker 2. They even had a chat about it:

Daughter: “Dad, did a German person really make this course? It was very interesting!”

Father: “Yea, isn’t it good?”

Daughter: “Yesss.”

The father thanked Nintendo and Super Mario Maker 2 for saving the day.

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