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fy, z, k, hsv, du, lcd, mgj, gd, un, Super Mario Maker 2 Only Allows Players To Upload Up To 32 Courses Currently | NintendoSoup
Super Mario Maker 2 Only Allows Players To Upload Up To 32 Courses Currently

Super Mario Maker 2 Only Allows Players To Upload Up To 32 Courses Currently

While the exciting release of Super Mario Maker 2 has been a boon for fans this weekend, some are realizing a drawback…or 32.

Multiple reviewers and players are now noticing that they can only upload up to 32 creations to the game’s global library of courses. This is actually a little higher than the limit of 10 courses in the original Super Mario Maker on Wii U – but back then players could increase that cap to 100 courses if others ranked their courses highly.

Of course, a number of fans on Reddit have been less than amused by this new limitation. Some decried having to possibly pay for another Nintendo Switch Online subscription just so they could upload more levels through another account.

However, others took a more moderate view of the limitation – reasoning that it could be Nintendo’s way of limiting lower-quality creations.

It’s not clear if Nintendo will be lightening its stance on this 32-course cap over time. But only time will tell.

We’ll report back if anything changes in the future.