Super Mario Maker 2 Recreated on PlayStation

Super Mario Maker 2 Recreated on PlayStation

Didn’t know this wasn’t a console exclusive.

PlayStation user ClapTrap9 has done it again. Just a few months after recreating Super Mario Maker in Little Big Planet 3, they have gone ahead and done the same with Super Mario Maker 2.

This is done through the Create Mode which provides hundreds of tools and features. So it looks like you can get a some of the Mario Maker experience even if you don’t have a Switch!

This fascinating creation has several of the new elements from Super Mario Maker 2 such as the themes and stellar bodies.

Of course it’s not perfect and contains some glitches such as Mario turning invisible when touching the Fire Flower Power-Up but it’s still quite impressive.

ClapTrap9 is back! The 14 year old LittleBigPlanet 3 content creator has made Super Mario Maker within LBP again, this time including elements found in Super Mario Maker 2! Join us as we test all the elements and see just how loyal this editor-within-an-editor really is!

Will this go full circle? Maybe we’ll see the possibility of recreating Little Big Planet in Mario Maker 3.

Have you tried out this editor? Let us know below.