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ni, l, t8h, k8p, 73c, h, o, 1p, m8f, Super Mario Odyssey Demo Stations Being Set Up At Japanese Retailers | NintendoSoup
Super Mario Odyssey Demo Stations Being Set Up At Japanese Retailers

Super Mario Odyssey Demo Stations Being Set Up At Japanese Retailers

With 5 days to Super Mario Odyssey’s release, Nintendo has started work on setting up demo stations for Super Mario Odyssey at retailers across Japan.

The photo you see below comes from a Tsutaya store in Japan, a retailer which sells video games, books, music, and other products. Besides getting to try out Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch, participants will be able to bring home a paper hat of Cappy.

We would also like to point out that this marks the first time playable Nintendo Switch demos have appeared at Japanese retailers. It could be a sign that the Nintendo Switch shortage is coming to an end in Japan, given that Nintendo has prioritized allocating stock to consumers first before demos and anything else.