Super Mario Party Sold 1.5 Million Worldwide At Launch

Super Mario Party Sold 1.5 Million Worldwide At Launch

During this evening’s Nintendo fiscal briefing, the company commented on the sales performance of Super Mario Party, which launched on October 5 for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo announced that Super Mario Party has moved 1.5 million units worldwide, an “extremely strong start” compared to previous titles in the Mario Party series.

Joy-Con sales, as expected, have shot through the roof thanks to the heavy focus on Joy-Con in Super Mario Party. Nintendo is expecting Super Mario Party to carry on selling well into the holiday season.

See their full comments below:

During October through December we will release a blitz of new Nintendo titles as shown. These new titles will offer fun for all of our consumers, from game fans to families, regardless of game experience or age. And all of these titles take advantage of the unique features of Nintendo Switch, enabling multiple people to enjoy exciting play together. These titles further enhance the
allure of Nintendo Switch and will help make the system appealing to a wider range of consumers during the holiday season and beyond.

The good evaluations by consumers have been borne out by the recent sell-through. Global sell-through has exceeded 1.5 million units following its release on October 5. Super Mario Party had an extremely strong start compared to other installments in the series and has built up momentum ahead of the holiday season. We are also seeing an increase in Joy-Con sell-through with the release of this title.

Sales will grow even further if more scenes play out between now and the end of the year where this title is played in places where people gather together. Super Mario Party is the kind of title that is easy to play, even by people using Nintendo Switch for the first time. This has the potential to drive hardware sales because people may get the urge to buy this title along with Nintendo Switch when they get together to play.