Super Meat Boy Forever Ported To The Switch In Just Two Days

Super Meat Boy Forever Ported To The Switch In Just Two Days

If there is an achievement for speed-runs of a game, there should be an achievement for speed porting of a game. If that’s the case, Super Meat Boy Forever’s, Team Meat ought to be commended for a tremendous job.

In an interview with Game Informer, Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes told the publishing that he ported the game to the Nintendo Switch in just two days. Refenes was actually praising the Nintendo Switch’s development tool and how it was so much better than back in the Wii U days.

“I ported [Super Meat Boy Forever] in like two days – from nothing to working in two days. Microsoft used to always be the people with the crazy good tools because they make Windows, so of course they’re going to have good stuff, but Switch’s tools… I’m legitimately surprised by how well-thought-out everything was.”

Refenes even took the opportunity to compare Nintendo’s new attitude compared to their main rival, Sony.

“It used to be Sony was the one that was pushing the indie devs so much. I think Nintendo is pushing harder than Sony is now. […] I think right now they’re just offering more exposure.”

The comment was in-line with what NIS America said recently in an interview with MCV. In any case, it was still an extraordinary feat by Team Meat, so keep up the great work.