Super Rare Games’ Next Physical Release Is Octahedron, Pre-Orders Open January 30

Super Rare Games’ Next Physical Release Is Octahedron, Pre-Orders Open January 30

Been holding out for a physical release of Octahedron on Nintendo Switch? Well, you can soon grab a copy from Super Rare Games!

The publisher has officially revealed the psychedelic puzzle game as their next Switch physical release. There will be 4,000 standard copies available for £29.99 – with each one including a reversible cover, full-colour manual, exclusive sticker, and a 3 trading cards.

The game will go up for purchase via Super Rare Games’ storefront on 30 January 2020. Check out more details below.

Super Rare Games today have announced their partnership with Demimonde to physically release Octahedron for the Nintendo Switch™. Pre-orders for the game open on January the 30th, exclusively at

The physical release contains two exclusive features to the boxed version, an all new easy mode, in case things get too hard, and a japanese language option.

About Octahedron

Surf through a pulsating underworld on platforms YOU pull from thin air, where and when you want, in this psychedelic action platformer. Unlock devastating abilities across 50+ hand crafted levels as you defy gravity to a pumping beat.

Fry enemies with laser beams, crumble walls, and solve puzzles, while obstacles & enemies move along with the beat. Ascend through the subterranean world of Veetragoul as you lose yourself to a pulse-pounding soundtrack from Chipzel, Andre Sobota, Derek Howell and Monomirror.

Enjoy brand new features & content exclusive to the Nintendo Switch Edition: New time trial medals, dozens of new special challenges and new post-game unlockables.

The Super Rare edition will include a 20 page full colour manual, interior artwork, exclusive sticker, as well as three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.

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