Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Might Get More Fighters, DLC, More Information To Come

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Might Get More Fighters, DLC, More Information To Come

Nintendo is going bring its most ambitious Super Smash Bros. game to the Nintendo Switch later on 7 December 2018. Although Nintendo allocated most of its E3 direct presentation to the game, it seems like there is still much to know.

For example, there is the question on whether the full roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already out, or is Nintendo harbouring more surprises. Speaking to Nintendo Life, Nintendo Treehouse’s Bill Trinen said that more information will be given towards the game’s release.

Are there plans to either announce characters between now and December or is the finalized, complete roster?  Can we expect to see more at a later date?

Trinen: We can answer that when we get closer to December.

Trinen was also asked by Nintendo Life whether the game will receive additional DLCs after release to which Trinen says that DLCs are something Nintendo only decides when they have finished making the main game.

Will there be DLC? Are there plans to expand on the game after release?

Trinen: I think that Mr. Sakurai obviously said that the number one goal is to get all of the past characters, and you know, the thing with a game like Smash Bros is that when you make those changes to core mechanics in terms of speed, in terms of some of the additional directional air dodge and things like that, that they added to the core gameplay in this game. Then that means that you have to go through and re-balance all of the other characters, and once you have to do that, then you are having to adjust animations. You are also changing character models. You are giving some of them new moves. Some of them you are getting new final smashes, it does limit to a certain degree the ability to add a whole lot more. At the end of the presentation, [Sakurai] said not to expect too many, but he did offer one more at the end there, which is obviously going to be fantastic. So that was great. If you were at the tournament, you probably heard him mention that he is flying out on the midnight flight to get back and finish the game. That was not hyperbole. He actually did that.

He did it with a big smile on his face, because he did have a great time at the tournament. But his focus right now is getting the game ready for December. The thing about us, when it comes to something like DLC, we don’t really start on it until we have got the game done. So, maybe when the game comes out they will make a decision on if they will do it, or if they do what they want to do, that sort of thing.

You can read the full interview between Nintendo Life, Bill Trinen and Nate Bihldorff here.