Superfan BlueGreen, A Game About Console Fanboys Who Argue About Exclusives And Teraflops, Announced For Switch

Superfan BlueGreen, A Game About Console Fanboys Who Argue About Exclusives And Teraflops, Announced For Switch

Still seething with rage from the console wars, or can’t stand the gaming industry today? Well, you’ll be able to vent your frustrations in this hilarious new adventure next year!

Dynamic Voltage Games has announced Superfan BlueGreen, a new game that sees two bickering console fanboys having to work together to save the world from an evil wizard. It will be launching sometime in Early 2021 for Nintendo Switch and other major platforms.

Check out some pre-alpha footage below, along with more details:

(Aurora, Colorado) – October 1st, 2020 – Dynamic Voltage Games is taking on the sillier side of the console war with “Superfan BlueGreen”, a game about two console fanboys that argue about exclusives, resolutions, sales, and teraflops. Superfan Green loves the GreenBox, while Superfan Blue prefers the Bluestation. Every morning they meet outside their homes to argue about which console is best, but on this morning, the Moderator of the Gaming World has an important mission for them: “Save the world, and if you die, big deal. No one likes you guys anyway.”

Superfan BlueGreen is a trek through the history of gaming. The player will experience a multitude of genres as Blue and Green track down the decorative orbs the evil wizard has stolen. It’s a parody of the industry, but also an homage. I wanted to remake all the games from my childhood, but that would take too long, so I figured it would be easier to just throw them all into one game.

There are 9 worlds, each with a large overworld map. Levels can be tackled in different orders, depending on the path you take, and there are many secret levels, warps, and you can visit XxBLuNTz420SCoPeZxX in the “Shroom House” to win something from his item stash. He’ll give you an item if you help him clean his room so his mom doesn’t ground him.

Superfan BG also takes on many of the more annoying sides of gaming. For example, tacked-on multiplayer makes an appearance. In one level you have to control Blue and Green at the same time (each thumbstick controls a different character). This level was so tacked-on and rushed that it features intentional glitches and exploits you’ll have to use to complete the level.

Many other things are parodied in the game: Microtransactions, loot crates, QTE’s, achievements/trophies, load times, fetch quests, cut scenes, dynamic resolution (at one point too many sprites get on the screen so the game has to switch to 50p mode, which makes it very difficult to see anything), etc.

Superfan BlueGreen launches early 2021 and is planned for the Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and next gen consoles.