Surreal 2D Adventure Game Hotel Sowls Coming To Switch

Surreal 2D Adventure Game Hotel Sowls Coming To Switch

Publisher CFK has announced they are bringing the mysterious adventure game Hotel Sowls to Switch.

Developed by Studio Sott, Hotel Sowls has players take the role of a pharmacologist who must explore the titular hotel in search of a precious stone that was stolen from him. The game is set to launch with English, Japanese, and Korean language options. That said, an official release date has yet to be confirmed at this time.

You can check out the teaser trailer below, along with some additional details via CFK:


Hotel Sowls is a very unique game, creating a strange and surreal world with its dreamlike 2D graphics and music.

As a pharmacologist, the player explores Hotel Sowls in order to find out who stole the precious stone. You managed to get hold of a precious stone found in Sowls. Tired from a long trip, you decide to take a rest at Hotel Sowls. But next morning, you discover that your stone has been stolen. Therefore begins your journey to find the thief.

Players will encounter NPCs and places to solve the riddle, players must gather information from them. The actions players take during the investigation will decide the fate of the pharmacologist.

Key Features

  • A big hit Steam game is coming to Switch.
  • A mystery adventure game with unique 2D graphics.
  • Dive into the strange tale of Hotel Sowls.

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