Switch ‘N’ Shoot Heads To Nintendo Switch On April 10

Switch ‘N’ Shoot Heads To Nintendo Switch On April 10

The classic scrolling shooter genre will soon be welcoming a new minimalist cousin onto Nintendo Switch.

Switch ‘N’ Shoot is hitting the Switch eShop on 10 April 2019, with a 15% discount for those that pre-purchase the game now. The game works with only one button – which makes the player’s spaceship shoot and change directions at the same time!

Check out the reveal trailer below, along with more details.

Switch ‘N’ Shoot is a score-based arcade shoot ’em up with a twist… ONE BUTTON fires your weapon but switches your direction at the same time!

This simple rule forces you to think on your feet and time your shots carefully. One misplaced shot and you’re space-toast.

Switch ‘N’ Shoot is small and simple… fast and challenging… and annoyingly addictive. Your run can be over in mere seconds, but you can instantly jump straight back in for another go. Work your way up the leaderboards, learn to Hyperdrive, and take the fight to the invading Incubators!


  • Save the world with just one button.
  • Fail instantly. Retry even instantly-er.
  • Portrait / TATE mode support.
  • Border illustration by Paul Duffield.
  • Palette swap options.
  • Silly random name generator.