Switch Online Has Over 9.8 Million Paid Subscriptions As Of March 2019

Switch Online Has Over 9.8 Million Paid Subscriptions As Of March 2019

During their March 2019 financial briefing, Nintendo revealed that over 9.8 million Switch accounts have subscribed to the paid online service since its launch in September.

The 9.8 million figure includes both regular and family accounts, and excludes any ongoing free trial memberships. Nintendo attributed at least some of these subscriptions to Tetris 99, which has been played by over 2.8 million accounts since its launch in February.

Moving forward, the company hopes to make the service more attractive to consumers in the long term by initiating more in-game events for online games such as Tetris 99, as well as adding more games to the NES Online library.

Half a year has passed since Nintendo Switch Online went live last September. Global memberships now exceed 9.8 million accounts, excluding free trial memberships. Note: This number includes family memberships.

A variety of services for members Tetris 99 has been available for free since February as a special offer to Nintendo Switch Online members. This game pits 99 players against each other in online battle. It has been played by 2.8 million accounts and has helped boost engagement for Nintendo Switch. We plan to implement in-game events to encourage consumers to keep enjoying the game.

Nintendo Switch Online members are also enjoying Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo
Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online gives members instant access to a variety of classic NES games with added online play. Through these initiatives we are working to make these services more attractive over the long-term on Nintendo Switch Online.

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