Tails And Paws May Be Pokemon Center’s Cutest And Wackiest Merch Ever

Tails And Paws May Be Pokemon Center’s Cutest And Wackiest Merch Ever

Sometimes I wonder what kind of stuff the product designers at The Pokemon Company eat to come up with ideas. As each year passes the Pokemon Center sees more and more creative and funny products.

Before the year ends, a new product lineup featuring the Tails and Paws of various Pokemon will be released at Pokemon Centers in Japan. Let’s have a look at some highlights.

For the first time in Pokemon history you’ll be able to purchase the tails of Mimikyu, Alola Vulpix, Espeon, Sylveon, and Umbreon in the real world. These are plush mascots so they are small and can be attached to a keychain.

“Let’s make the tails more obvious”, the product designers said. And hey, presto – mugs with Pokemon tails!

“Make the tails stand out”, they said. And now they literally do on these adorable smartphone cases.

A giant Pikachu tail in the form of a huggable bloster will be available too. It’s very pricey though and only available on Pokemon Center Online.

“Since everyone loves Mimikyu, it’s time to make a big Mimikyu tail.” Comes with a carabiner!

The Pokemon Tails and Paws merchandise will be out on December 16, 2017 at Pokemon Centers and Amazon Japan (international shipping). We’ll let you know once it’s available on Amazon Japan.

Price list and gallery can be found right below.

Mascot Espeon’s Tail 700 yen(★)
Mascot Umbreon’s Tail 700 yen(★)
Mascot Sylveon’s Tail 700 yen(★)
Mascot Alola Vulpix’s Tail 700 yen(★)
Mascot Mimikyu’s Tail 700 yen(★)
Mug Espeon’s Tail 1,400 yen(★)
Mug Umbreon’s Tail 1,400 yen(★)
Mug Mimikyu’s Tail 1,400 yen(★)
A4 Clear File The Tails of Pokemon 240 yen
Multi Smartphone Cover Charmander’s Tail 3,000 yen(★)
Multi Smartphone Cover Pikachu’s Tail 3,000 yen(★)
Multi Smartphone Cover Sylveon’s Tail 3,000 yen(★)
Multi Smartphone Cover Mimikyu’s Tail 3,000 yen(★)
Cushion Eevee’s Tail 2,500 yen(★)
Cushion Pikachu’s Tail 2,500 yen(★)
Tote Bag Pikachu’s Tail 2,000 yen(★)
Clock Pikachu’s Tail 3,500 yen(★)
Mascot Eevee’s Paw 600 yen(★)
Mascot Lucario’s Paw 600 yen(★)
Mascot Alola Vulpix’s Paw 600 yen(★)
Mascot Bewear’s Paw 600 yen(★)
Mug Eevee’s Paw 1,400 yen(★)
Mug Alola Vulpix’s Paw 1,400 yen(★)
Paw Room Socks Eevee 850 yen(★)
Paw Room Socks Alola Vulpix 850 yen(★)
Kitchen Mitten Bewear’s Paw 1,500 yen(★)
Hard Jacket for iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Bewear’s Paw 1,880 yen(★)
Big Mimikyu Tail with Carabiner 1,000 yen(★)

<Exclusive to Pokemon Center Online>
Huggable Bloster Pikachu’s Tail 7,871 yen

All prices exclusive of 8% sales tax

Items marked with(★)will be available on Amazon Japan (international shipping)