Take A Look At Woodgroove’s Custom Cutscene Editor

Take A Look At Woodgroove’s Custom Cutscene Editor

A pretty cool thing about Chucklefish’s upcoming game Woodgrove is that the game will allow you to customise your own campaign, as well as, campaign cutscenes.

Showing off the cutscene editor, Chucklefish art director, Lili Ibrahim, wrote a blog post about showing how easy it to use the cutscene editor to present your story.

Wargroove is filled with maps that will encourage strategic battles. But our campaign isn’t all just about the clash on the battlefields – the story will also be presented to you through cutscenes! These cutscenes are created in our very own cutscene editor. I worked closely with our programmer Krakauer to make sure the cutscene editor is up to scratch with the team’s expectations… And I have to admit that it’s really fun to use!

The cutscene editor is perfect for presenting the story in Wargroove. It supports a comprehensive timeline where you can add, rearrange and edit actions.

The game is slated to launch on the Nintendo Switch this year, meanwhile, before you get to try the cutscene editor yourself, why not give the blog a read here.