Teachers Blame Fortnite For When A Child Brought A Knife To The Playground

Teachers Blame Fortnite For When A Child Brought A Knife To The Playground

Some teachers and education professionals have expressed worry that violent scenes from Fortnite are being reenacted at schools according to Game Rant.

And one incident in Scotland seems to have added to that fear.

On January 14, a 10 year old child attending school in Scotland’s South Ayrshire pulled a knife on the playground. Police were called to the scene, the knife was confiscated, and no one was injured. Now education professionals worry that this incident could just be the start, and part of a “surge of violent behavior” linked to the popular battle royale game Fortnite.

Before this incident, the school (which the Scottish press is unable to identify due to “legal reasons”, potentially because of minors being present) had supposedly warned parents that Fortnite was inspiring an increase in violence.

The staff also expressed concerns to parents that Fortnite and “computer game culture” in general were related to an increase in “bad language” used among the students.

Those concerns  and the incident have not been linked to Fortnite however.

The debate about a possible link between violent video games and real world violence has been an ongoing one with people on both sides of the argument

Since Fortnite remains one of the most popular video games with children around the world, it will likely be the culprit game  for the industry.