The 1000th Pokemon Episode Airs This Saturday

The 1000th Pokemon Episode Airs This Saturday

This Saturday, the 1000th Pokemon anime episode, called “The Professors’ New Adventure”, will air in the United States.

As The Professors’ New Adventure is the 1000th episode, The Pokemon Company is doing something special. It’ll feature a wedding for the very first time in Pokemon anime history, and legendary Pokemon Solgaleo will make an appearance.

The 1000th episode can be watched on Disney XD on April 28, 2018 at 9am Pacific Time.

“The Professors’ New Adventure” Episode Synopsis:

Following their journey through the Ultra Wormhole, our heroes return to the Pokémon School, where Lillie thanks everyone for their help saving her mother. Later, during a walk on the beach, Professor Kukui asks Professor Burnet to marry him! They aren’t planning a wedding ceremony, but our heroes have other ideas…a surprise ceremony awaits! Then, Lusamine asks the Pokémon School class to join the Ultra Guardians—a group that protects Alola from Ultra Beasts. And just after the bouquet toss, Solgaleo appears! Ash gets his wish and thanks the Legendary Pokémon for all its help, and he looks forward to seeing it again someday.