The Bug Butcher Lands On Nintendo Switch

The Bug Butcher Lands On Nintendo Switch

Awfully Nice Studios and 2Awesome Studio have released The Bug Butcher for Nintendo Switch.

The Bug Butcher is a relentless shoot-’em-up with one rule – you can only fire straight up. It’s inspired by Super Pang, also known as Super Buster Bros.

Watch the launch trailer and learn more below.

Thecritically acclaimed game from Awfully Nice Studios, The Bug Butcher, lands today on Nintendo Switch™ as the first title as indie publisher from 2Awesome Studio.

The Bug Butcher has received several awards and nominations (winner of the Big Indie Pitch at GDC Europe and Best of Quo Vadis, Nominated for best mobile game of the year on Destructoid 2016 and Nominated for best Indie Game of the year “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis” 2016 for example). Moreover, The Bug Butcher has been developed by an amazing team that previously worked on high profile productions such as The Hobbit or Avatar. Inspired by Super Pang (that’s Super Buster Bros. for you North American folks), The Bug Butcher is a relentless shoot-’em-up with a simple rule; you can only fire straight up. Good thing your helmet comes with a visor!

The Bug Butcher is an action-packed 2D side scrolling shoot em up game where peril comes from above. So in a nutshell, pest control with machine guns in space. Something has gone terribly wrong and the super secret science facility has been infested with nasty bugs which really, really like the  poor scientists there (like them for breakfast that is). You are Harry, the best bug exterminator in the galaxy and those scientists better have insurance to cover this because your services aren’t cheap!

Exterminate increasingly crazier waves of  bouncing bugs through 30 levels, blasting them into smaller and smaller chunks that somehow keep on bouncing around with beautifully predictable patterns.Customize your gear and upgrade your weapons for those situations when a swarm of guided missiles may come in handy.

Bring in a friend and play in endless co-op mode! Nothing is a better declaration of friendship than burning bugs together with a well targeted superlaser (Magnifying glass? Ants? Childhood memories are the best!). And when that competitive side kicks in smash those very same friends on the online leaderboards! Finally, for the completionists beat each level racking up your combo to earn all the game stars!

And obviously all this comes to the Nintendo Switchin the best possible way at an eye-popping razor sharp 1080p resolution with lightning fast 60 FPS. Playable in docked, handheld, tabletop, your sofa and your bed! It also comes with two player support on a single Nintendo Switch™ . Want to feel even more in control? Nintendo Switch™ Pro Controller is also supported.