The HORI D-Pad Joy-Con Fried Someone’s Nintendo Switch

The HORI D-Pad Joy-Con Fried Someone’s Nintendo Switch

A disturbing report about the HORI D-Pad Joy-Con has surfaced on Reddit.

As you may already know, HORI issued a warning to consumers that the D-Pad Joy-Con causes battery issues and therefore should be detached from the Switch when not in use.

Reddit user Axersia, the person who made the report, left his Nintendo Switch and HORI D-Pad Joy-Con attached to it in his backpack. After taking it out, he realized the Switch “was very hot and completely drained”.

When Axersia returned back home, he swapped out the HORI D-Pad Joy-Con for his original Joy-Con, but realized the Switch would no longer charge or output an image to tthe TV when docked.

Axersia speculates the D-Pad Joy-Con may have fried his Nintendo Switch Dock, but couldn’t say for sure. Either way, the Switch charges normally when connected to an AC adapter.

Now Axersia is unsure what’s going to happen next – will Nintendo honor the Switch’s warranty, given that the accessory that caused this issue is from Japan? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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