The Low Road Releases August 23 On Switch

The Low Road Releases August 23 On Switch

XGen Studios has announced it’s bringing its corporate espionage game, The Low Road, to Nintendo Switch.

The Low Road will be out August 23, 2018 on the eShop. The Switch version features enhanced gameplay mechanics, background saving, and reworked voice acting.

Check out the trailer and details below.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the indie developers that made those addictive flash games many of us grew up playing, like Motherload, Fishy, Stick RPG and Defend Your Castle? Well, we opted to ‘switch’ it up and made a quirky, comical point-and-click adventure, The Low Road, and are incredibly excited to bring the world of 1970s corporate espionage to Nintendo Switch™ on August 23, 2018!

The Nintendo Switch™ version of The Low Road features enhanced gameplay mechanics that take advantage of both the JoyCon and Pro Controller, allowing players to dig in with whichever controller they prefer. Alongside this new control scheme, improvements ranging from background saving, to reworked voice acting have been added to offer up a smoother gameplay experience. With a unique art style that draws upon gouache paintings and an original musical score that swings from swirling psychedelic to dusty Americana, this is one adventure that’s a joy whether you’re taking it on the road in handheld mode or playing docked from the comfort of your couch.

Key Features

  • A unique digitally hand-painted 2D illustration style with 1970s television influences.
  • Over 32000 words of dark comedic dialogue fully-voiced from a cast of characters
  • Play from the perspective of two corporate espionage agents
  • A merger of traditional storytelling and engaging gameplay
  • An original score of swirling psychedelia and dusty Americana
  • Nostalgic point-and-click style gameplay influenced by LucasArts and Sierra classics
  • Branching conversation puzzles that will challenge your deductive and intuitive abilities
  • Over 15+ first-person puzzle sequences