The Padre Brings Retro Horror Adventure To Nintendo Switch On April 18

The Padre Brings Retro Horror Adventure To Nintendo Switch On April 18

Classic haunted house scares and tension will soon be creeping onto Nintendo Switch.

Feardemic has announced a 18 April 2019 launch date for The Padre, which will go for $19.99 USD on the Switch eShop. After losing his demon-banishing tools, one witty priest’s visit to a creepy mansion turns into a struggle for survival!

Check out the reveal trailer below, along with more details from the press release.

April 4th 2019, Krakow, Poland | The Padre, a retro stylised 3D horror adventure game tapping deep into the roots of classic horror games.

The thrilling Demon hunter SINulation launches April 18th, 2019 on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

A new gameplay trailer preaches the deeds of The Padre – A witty demon-hunting priest on a mission to save lost souls from the temptations of sin and from err… well actually dying from real, physical manifestations of evil.

On the trail of a lost cardinal, The Padre soon finds himself alone and without his demon-slaying tools inside a dreary mansion where a larger supernatural power is at play. But fear not! The dark and striking atmosphere is often cut by the wicked humor of the witty Padre.

You will need to use your brains to solve challenging puzzles, as well as your brawns to fend off monsters, all while trying to unravel the mysteries of the mansion and your own dark past.

Be wary though, if you fail enough times its permanent GAME OVER!

The Padre is a digital-only game and will cost $19.99 / 19.99 EUR / 15.49 GBP.

It will have full English voice acting and support subtitles in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

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