The Power Glove Was Going To Be A Hasbro Product Not Nintendo

The Power Glove Was Going To Be A Hasbro Product Not Nintendo

Nintendo is a company that is never foreign to experimentations, that is why over the years you will find weird contraptions like the Virtual Boy and Power Glove.

Ahead of its time, the Power Glove was almost a Hasbro product before it became a Nintendo gear. Speaking to Nerd News Today, the team behind the Power Glove, AGE (Abrams/Gentile Entertainment) said that if weren’t for difficulties with launching with Hasbro, AGE would not have went on to work with Nintendo Systems.

We literally were working very closely with Hasbro and we had developed in 1989… an idea to create a virtual reality headhunted display video gaming system where you could literally get in, put on the display, put your head in the cap, get all these great games and ride through space. We needed something to manipulate objects in a 3D space besides a joystick.

So we found literally at the MIT design clinic a patent that they could turn around and put on a glove, that they could manipulate objects in a 3D space.

We licensed that tech from them and we built this entire system, and we were about to go to the marketplace with Hasbro. And at that time, it just grew and grew and became unruly in terms of going out and doing it, so we just pulled the glove out of it to work with Nintendo systems.

It is always interesting to see how different factors of different thing come together to make history such as this, the Power Glove is still eccentric by today’s standards, but is a showcase of the willingness to be different by Nintendo and AGE.

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