ThinkGeek Now Selling Goomba Garden Statues

ThinkGeek Now Selling Goomba Garden Statues

Are garden gnomes just too vanilla for a videogame lover like you?

Now you can decorate your fields with something a little more charming! ThinkGeek has released a new Garden Goomba Statue decoration for everyday home-owners to send forth across their property. Just make sure visitors don’t try stomping on them.

Check out more details below, along with some images.

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You want to watch where you step in flowerbeds. When you stomp on growing things, they tend to die. Super Mario taught us this gardening basic long ago. Of course, back then we were trying to defeat them all. Now, more often than not, our yard defeats us, and it requires a trip to the garden center to restart that level again.

You may not find fire flowers or piranha plants at the local garden center, but you can add a little bit of video game fun to your yard with this Nintendo Super Mario Goomba Garden Statue. He’s very sternly standing there with his furrowed brow and fangs, but we’re pretty sure he’s pacing back and forth when we’re not looking. The one thing we have to warn you about: you’re going to feel an almost otherworldly compulsion to stomp on this little guy. DO NOT do that. He’s not a threat. He’s just checkin’ out your garden, Mario.

Product Specifications:

  • Nintendo Super Mario Goomba Garden Statue
  • Officially-licensed Super Mario Bros. merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek creation and ThinkGeek / GameStop exclusive
  • Looks just like a little Goomba from Super Mario Bros.
  • Sits in your yard and looks sternly at the squirrels
  • Not for stomping
  • Materials: Resin
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 8″ tall
  • Weight: 1 1/2 lbs.
  • Ages 14+

The adorable garden ornament is now available for purchase from ThinkGeek’s store over here, for $24.99 USD.