This Is How A Carton Of Nintendo Switch Games Look Like

This Is How A Carton Of Nintendo Switch Games Look Like

Have you ever wondered how Nintendo Switch games are packed and shipped to retailers?

Thanks to Twitter user GREENAPPLE‏ we could now share with you how a carton of Nintendo Switch games look like. On the box is a label that states the game code, title, licensee, and country of origin:

Here’s how it looks like when opened:

You can fit up to 20 Nintendo Switch games inside the carton:

And here’s more information from NintendoSoup that isn’t shown in the photos above. On the left and right sides of the carton are the words “ASSEMBLED IN JAPAN”. Each carton is stored inside a master carton that fits up to 5 cartons, so you can fit 100 Nintendo Switch games into one master carton. The master carton contains similar information printed on the cartons, and unlike the cartons it’s completely sealed so you need a pen knife to open it.

Also, keep in mind that you will only see these cartons and master cartons in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Publishers in North America and Europe use different types of cartons as they have to assemble the finished goods themselves.

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