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08, o42, 8, h, z, 855, x2p, i6a, ndk, oja, b5, ei1, fr, 0n8, zu9, uoy, This Nintendo Switch Is Actually A Wii In Disguise | NintendoSoup
This Nintendo Switch Is Actually A Wii In Disguise

This Nintendo Switch Is Actually A Wii In Disguise

Predue, a creator on Thingiverse, has created a portable Wii machine that looks like a Nintendo Switch.

The machine, called “Swiitch”, is capable of playing Wii games wherever you go. However, it can’t play Switch games as all that’s inside the portable are the Wii’s guts.

Check it out in action below:

You’ll need a lot of money and time to make this unique console. If you want to learn how, click here.