This Upcoming Documentary Will Shed Light On The Development Of Golden Eye 007

This Upcoming Documentary Will Shed Light On The Development Of Golden Eye 007

Are you a hardcore fan of the timeless Nintendo 64 classic Golden Eye 007? Well, you’re definitely going to want to keep your eyes peeled on this upcoming retrospective on the first-person shooter that shook the gaming world!

Director Drew Roller and company have revealed Golden Era – a new documentary that charts out the development and history of Golden Eye 007. With a launch window of 2020, the doc will feature interviews various RARE developers who worked on the title – such as David Doak, Karl Hilton, Steve Ellis, Grant Kirkhope, and more!

Check out the official trailer for the production below, along with a quick synopsis:

Goldeneye 007 holds a special place in gaming history as well as the hearts of gamers all around the world.

It sold over 8 million copies and touched many more due to it’s massively popular multiplayer feature.

It was the highest selling FPS for 8 years and helped to define the gaming industry for the next 20 years.

This film has a passionate audience in the millions, an unmatched legacy and an creation story like no other.

Drew Roller
Drew Roller & Brok Power
Matt Hirons (Saint works art)
Jim Miskell
David Doak, Karl Hilton, Steve Ellis, Simon Parkin, Brett Jones, Stuart Ashen, Dan Ryckert, Darren Gargette, Jim Miskell, Peer Schneider, Mark Serals, Robert Bowling, Ian Stokes, Tommy Thompson

Want keep up with the release of this documentary? You can check out its official website over here.