Tiny Metal’s Messy Legal Bout Comes To An End

Tiny Metal’s Messy Legal Bout Comes To An End

Not too long ago there was a strong exchange of words between Tiny Metal’s PR Manager, Tariq Lacy, and director and project leader, Hiroaki Yura. 

Lacy had accused Yura of embezzling money from Project Phoneix’s kickstarter campaign to fund Tiny Metal’s development, in which Yura heavily protested. The whole incident escalated into a court case and was finally resolved by the mediation court in Japan. Lacy was ordered to retract accusations of embezzlement.

Below is Lacy’s statement:

On November 20, 2017 (Heisei 29) I posted the entry “Comments” to the AREA 35 Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Yura Hiroaki) operated Facebook page entitled “Project Phoenix”, at a point in time after my own departure from that same company. In regard to this entry, and with the exception of the fact that I was employed by the company until two months prior to the posting, I now admit that everything it stated was contrary to the truth, and I offer a deep and profound apology to AREA 35 Co., Ltd.

Furthermore, I also apologize for significant damage caused to AREA 35 Co., Ltd., and damage caused to the good name and reputation of Mr. Yura Hiroaki, due to such occurrences as the falsehoods that I posted being picked up and reported by media organizations within the United States of America.

I am fully aware that my actions also relate to the trust placed in the videogame industry, and that they must have been very shocking for everyone involved in said industry.

Please allow me to apologize again for my actions.

Hopefully, this puts an end to all the debacle so that more great games can be made.