‘To All Of Mankind’ Teaser Website Opened, Launches 30th May In Japan, More Details

‘To All Of Mankind’ Teaser Website Opened, Launches 30th May In Japan, More Details

Nippon Ichi Software’s latest survival adventure game ‘To All of Mankind‘ has received its own teaser website along with a new Twitter account.

The game will be launching 30th May 2019 in Japan with a list price of 6,980 yen (without tax). Gen Suganuma of Nippon Ichi Software will act as the game’s producer. Pre-orders are now live at Amazon Japan.

As previously reported, To All of Mankind features five protagonists, all of whom are girls, left surviving in a ruined Akihabara. Apparently, no male characters will appear in the game. These five girls went for sightseeing in Akihabara until they woke up in their hotel finding the town mysteriously ruined, overgrown with vegetation, and abandoned. The game will let players explore Akihabara while using tools, capturing wild animals, farming, and fishing to survive.

Below are the character introductions and game description:

  • Kyouka Shintou (voiced by Mana Satou) – The always energetic mood maker. She likes manga and anime.
  • Isana Shouni (voiced by Yukino Tsubaki) – She is like a mother to the group. She is good at cooking.
  • Erina Kashi (voiced by Nanahira) – The pure gamer.
  • Kazumi Komatsu (voiced by Sana Hoshimori) – The hyperactive one. She acts upon her instincts. She is like an older sister to the group.
  • Yuyuko Oura (voiced by Mina Nakazawa) – She is a quarter French. She loves books and has a variety of knowledge.

An adventure game where a group of cheerful girls enjoy a laid-back, girls-only survival life in Tokyo’s Akihabara. Five girls in a long-abandoned Akihabara. With no one else around, the girls must befriend and help each other while living happy days. From the all-necessary tasty cooking to bathing and the occasional relaxation time, the girls are cheerful and honest in any situation, and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Finally, here’s the Switch boxart cover: