Touring Karts Announced For Switch, Will Offer Cross-Platform Multiplayer For Up To 8 Players

Touring Karts Announced For Switch, Will Offer Cross-Platform Multiplayer For Up To 8 Players

A new arcade racer is on its way to the Nintendo Switch soon!

Ivanovich Games has revealed that they’ll be bringing Touring Karts later on the hyrid system after its initial release on the Playstation 4. However, no release date has been announced as of press time.

Touring Karts will feature cross-platform multiplayer for up-to eight players between all platforms without requiring a VR device, thus granting the party for every player, regardless where they are and the device they use.

Check out the latest announcement trailer and a previously released non-VR trailer below:

Master your racing skills while interacting with the environment as if you would be doing it in the real world. Get ready to make your way through the first place while throwing ice cubes, chickens, bombs, shoot bazookas, smashing your rivals with a giant hammer, and also take a break in the middle of the chaos to recover your health by drinking energetic beverages!

Touring Karts takes maximum advantage of the possibilities of VR by reinventing KART-type races in the midst of chaos full of action and surprises.


  • Up-to 8 players Online Multiplayer support with no waiting times. You will be training against the AI meanwhile your rivals enter the circuit.
  • 3 Online Game Modes: Unique Daily Cups, Custom Play with your Friends and Random Play.
  • Story-based Mode with more than 500 original challenges (+120h to complete) with collectible prizes. It can be completed in Single Player or Multiplayer Mode.
  • Craft up-to 45 new power-ups by combining the ones you already have and surprise your rivals!
  • Power-ups originally designed to be used in VR, can also be enjoyed on non-VR platforms.
  • 3 views to choose that are specifically designed for VR: One free of dizziness, a classic one in 3rd person and the more immersive first-person view.
  • 22 tracks and 30 customizable cars, all inspired in Formula 1 tracks and teams.
  • Multiple Controls Compatibility: FFB steering wheels, motion simulators, VR controls with hand movement detection, classic controls, 3dRudder, etc.
  • Quick Race Mode with all cars and tracks available from the get-go.