Tricky Towers Launches October 11 On Switch

Tricky Towers Launches October 11 On Switch

WeirdBeard has announced it’s bringing Tricky Towers, a game where you try to build the highest tower, to Nintendo Switch.

Tricky Tower supports local and online multiplayer. The game launches October 11, 2018 via Nintendo eShop.

Watch the trailer below.

Tricky Towers will release on the Nintendo Switch™ this October 11th! Compete with your friends to see who can build the most magical Tricky Tower. Pre-order the game now on the Nintendo Store! Tricky Towers is a game of frantic physics stacking fun! Race with other players to see who can build the highest tower the fastest. Use magic to speed up your construction, or cast dark spells to disrupt the other players. Enjoy up to four player matches and tournaments locally and online – which of your family and friends will prove to be the ultimate wizard?

Tricky Towers takes the familiar mechanic of placing tetromino bricks and provides a twist with the addition of real world physics and a competitive multiplayer focus. The goal is to build a tower higher, faster and better than your opponents. This is made more difficult by gravity’s constant pull, the seemingly gentle breeze and the devilish dark magic attacks from the other players. There are some light magic spells provided to help you out – but casting a light spell will cancel out your chance to cast a dark spell for a while so you need to choose carefully between supporting your own tower or messing with the towers of your opponents. There are three different multiplayer modes. Race is all about beating the other players to a soaring finish line; Survival involves placing a certain number of bricks before everyone else without dropping too many and losing your health; and Puzzle slows down the pace a little by challenging players to place as many bricks as possible below a cutoff point. The shortness of the matches and the pick-up-and-play nature of Tricky Towers make it perfect for parties. Next to local and online multiplayer Tricky Towers contains 50 single player trials where players can hone their skills and crack some tough puzzles, and an endless leaderboard mode to see how long players can survive against the elements.