Truberbrook Nominated Four Times At The German Video Game Awards

Truberbrook Nominated Four Times At The German Video Game Awards

Truberbrook, an upcoming German adventure game, has been nominated four times at the German Video Game Awards.

The game has been nominated for Best German Game, Best Youth Game, Best Staging, and Best Innovation. The award ceremony takes place April 9, so we will find out what awards the game has won by then.

Full details below:

The charming German adventure game Trüberbrook was nominated four times at the prestigious German Video Game Awards (German website) thanks to its beautifully handcrafted visual style and compelling story! The upcoming game earned nominations in the following categories:

  • Best German Game
  • Best Youth Game
  • Best Staging
  • Best Innovation

We can´t wait for release day next Tuesday and are evenly, if not more exited for the award ceremony on the 9th of April.

Trüberbrook will be released on Steam on March 12th, console players will start their journey on PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on April 17th.

With its superbly unique visual style, German charm, and a thrilling story of the likes of Twin Peaks and X-Files, Trüberbrook comes as a modern adventure game appealing to fans of the genre and everyone who like to see a fresh artistic experience. The game was crowdfunded and reached its goal on Kickstarter within only 30 hours, amassing over $200,000 in total.