Tsukihime: A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon Releases August 26th For Switch In Japan

Tsukihime: A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon Releases August 26th For Switch In Japan

Type-Moon has announced the release date for Tsukihime: A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon for Switch in Japan.

The news comes via the latest issue of Type-Moon Ace, where it was confirmed that this highly anticipated remake of the original Tsukihime visual novel is set to release on August 26th 2021.

The issue also revealed some additional details about the title, namely that includes only the “Arcueid” and “Ciel” routes from the original. These routes follow the same outline, but the content has been “completely rewritten and greatly expanded”. Those who played the original game can experience the story “with a nostalgic, yet new and mysterious feel” in the remake.

The other routes not featured in A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon will reportedly appear in “another Tsukihime”, depicting “the other side of the moon.”. Presumably, this suggests that there is another Tsukihime remake game in the works covering these routes, but this is mostly speculation.

You can read a summary of the two featured routes below:

Arcueid Route: Moon Princess

Shiki Tohno is a high school student left in the care of a distant relative after an accident seven years ago. After his father dies, he is called back to his prestigious family home, and his everyday life begins anew in the large estate. However, there were some unsettling signs. One day, while feeling lightheaded, he passes by a woman. His encounter with the woman, who calls herself Arcueid, gets him involved in a battle beyond human comprehension by inhuman “Vampires.”

Ciel Route: Rainbow of the Night

After an unexpected train ride, Shiki quickly becomes close with Ciel, a popular, older student at his high school. With his best friend Arihiko Inui and new teacher Noel, he had a busy, dream-like everyday life. However, that did not last long. The urge to kill suddenly came to boil. And the tragedy he caused drags him to the depths of despair. Offering an umbrella and warm words, it was Ciel who saved Shiki’s soul.

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