Tunche Brawls onto Nintendo Switch March 2021

Tunche Brawls onto Nintendo Switch March 2021

Fight your way through the rainforest with a special guest in this beat-em up brawler.

Leap Game Studios announced today that Tunche is headed to the Switch March 2021 during the Indie World Showcase.

The game features 4 new heroes all with unique fighting styles that they’ll use to uncover secrets of the Amazon. They will also be joined by Hat Kid from A Hat in Time!

Check out the announcement trailer below.

Tunche from LEAP Game Studios: Tunche is a 2D beat-’em-up game with breathtaking hand-drawn art, set in the Amazon Rainforest. It can be explored with one of five heroes, each with their own distinctive skills and abilities, including Hat Kid, the protagonist from the 3D platformer A Hat in Time. Unravel the rainforest’s secrets in search of a mythical beast, the Tunche. Enjoy a unique experience every time you journey into the jungle, traversing different paths and facing fantastic creatures. With charming hack-and-slash combat, local co-op play and a pinch of shamanic witchcraft, you’ll experience a magical tour of Peruvian legends and folklore. Venture into the jungle when Tunche arrives first on Nintendo Switch in March 2021.