Turn-Based RPG “Wander Stars” Aiming For A Nintendo Switch Release

Turn-Based RPG “Wander Stars” Aiming For A Nintendo Switch Release

It looks like the developers behind Underhero are planning to bring their latest project to Switch owners as well!

Paper Castle have recently confirmed that their upcoming turn-based RPG Wander Stars is aiming for a Nintendo Switch release as well! In particular, the game will feature a unique attack system where players can select different words to customize their attacks!

While release details are still sparse, the developers have teased that a Kickstarter Campaign to further the game’s development will also be opening in the future – and folks can sign-up over here for further updates.

Check out more details below, along with some preview clips:

Wander Stars is a turn-based RPG where you make your own attacks by combining words and making your own fighting techniques. Learn new words to collect, combine, and experiment to discover enemy weaknesses, synergies, and strategies that will help you win your battles!

The story of Wander Stars follows Ringo, a spirited martial artist who has never left her village, and Wolfe, a mysterious scoundrel running from his past, as they join forces in an unlikely partnership to collect the pieces of the Wanderstar Map.


  • An anime you can play – Make your way through the episodes of a series that looks and feels like an old school anime, and experience the adventure through exciting cutscenes and intense battles!
  • Your words have power – Build your arsenal of words and use them in any combination to discover powerful attacks or even secret techniques.
  • Pep ups to power up – Avoid knocking out your opponents and they might give you pep ups as a sign of friendship. Combine the pep ups you earn to improve your fighting skills.
  • Make your own path – Explore every place you visit through a randomized map, and discover special events, fighters, npcs, power ups, and more!
  • Binge and reruns – Replay episodes to learn hidden aspects of the story, find any events you missed, and earn valuable resources that carry over other episodes.
  • Find your people – Party members have their own storylines and motivations, but when the time comes they will join your party and help you in battle!