Undead Horde Launches For Nintendo Switch On May 15

Undead Horde Launches For Nintendo Switch On May 15

Tired of playing the hero? Thanks to the developers at 10tons, you’ll soon be able to raise an army of evil instead on Nintendo Switch!

Undead Horde is hitting the Switch eShop on 16 May 2019, for $16.99 USD. As a long-imprisoned Necromancer, slay all life that gets in your way – and get your ultimate revenge on the Paladin Benevictor!

Check it out the official announcement trailer below, along with more details.

Undead Horde will be out this Wednesday May 15th on PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4. This “necromancer simulator” by 10tons is a fresh combination of action RPG, RTS and hack’n’slash. The early access response has been awesome and the game has already been enjoyed by thousands of players on Steam!

The main hook of Undead Horde is that the Necromancer the player controls can re-animate slain enemies and command them. In addition to necromancer focused stuff we have a lot of ARPG elements like loot, leveling, questing, a hand crafted world to conquer, and finally an annoying lawful good hero to defeat.

The price level is USD/EUR 16.99 (regional pricing and currencies may result in slight differences locally).