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o, 5d, pz, p, 24, s, Undead's Building On Switch Confirmed For March 28 Launch | NintendoSoup
Undead’s Building On Switch Confirmed For March 28 Launch

Undead’s Building On Switch Confirmed For March 28 Launch

Previously, we reported that the wacky Undead’s Building was heading to Nintendo Switch.

Now, Double Drive has confirmed that the zombie-apocalypse-elevator simulator will hit the Switch eShop on 28 March 2019, for $5.99 USD!

For those still out of touch, the game sees players controlling a passenger lift in a zombie-infested building. In order to save its occupants, players will have to carefully decide how many survivors to carry each time. Fail to prioritize certain survivors, and they’ll become zombie-food by the time you go back for them!

Catch up with the English trailer below.