Unown Spawning At GDC 2019 Venue In Pokemon GO

Unown Spawning At GDC 2019 Venue In Pokemon GO

Trainers living in San Fransisco – you will probably want to drop by the GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) 2019 venue, Moscone Center, to catch some Unown in Pokemon GO.

From March 18 to March 22, 2019, three different types of Unown could be caught at the GDC 2019 location. The Unown alphabets are ‘G’, ‘D’, and ‘C’, which obviously represent the GDC event.

Also happening at GDC are several talks organized by Niantic employees:

When Trainers’ Eyes Meet: Creating Real-Time Combat for ‘Pokemon GO’
March 18, Rob Giusti (Software Developer, Niantic)

“In July 2016, Niantic Inc. launched ‘Pokemon GO’, which grew into a worldwide phenomenon. However, it was not until December 2018 when the development team added a directly competitive, player-versus-player feature. In this session, Engineering Combat Lead Rob Giusti will discuss why Niantic chose to build this new feature at this point in the game’s lifecycle, and what decisions were made to make the feature true to its roots in the Pokemon franchise, while also creating a foundation for further game development in a live, growing game.”

Basic Tools for Healthy Communities (Presented by Fair Play Alliance)
March 20, Laura Warner (Game Designer, Niantic)

This session consists of a set of micro-talks where several Fair Play Alliance member companies share some of their easy-to-implement tools that can make a real and measurable difference in terms of protecting your users as well as your brand.

The State & Future of AR Games: Rose-Colored Glasses
March 21, John Hanke (Founder and CEO, Niantic)

The future of augmented reality games is about play experiences that weave in and out of your everyday life. In this Vision Track talk, John Hanke, founder and CEO of ‘Pokemon GO’ and ‘Ingress’ creator Niantic will provide a deep look at AR today, and help you imagine near and long term AR games and experiences that deliver persistent shared experiences in the real world.

Game Design Workshop Day 1 and 2
March 18 and 19, Sam Villanueva (Game Designer, Niantic) and many others

This intensive two-day workshop will explore the day-to-day craft of game design through hands-on activities, group discussion, analysis and critique. Attendees will immerse themselves in the iterative process of refining a game design and discover design concepts that will help them think more clearly about their designs and make better games.

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