Unreleased Akira Game Boy Prototypes Sold For Almost $3000 On Ebay

Unreleased Akira Game Boy Prototypes Sold For Almost $3000 On Ebay

Another batch of the unreleased Akira Game Boy Prototypes has surfaced online.

As one of the most influential anime and sci-fi films of all time, Akira has naturally had quite a few games based on it. One of these projects was a title for the Game Boy that was unfortunately never completed. However, prototypes of this forgotten game have popped up online from time, though they have thus far never been dumped or released to the wider public.

In this latest story, four cartridges containing various prototype builds of the Akira Game Boy game were sold for close to $3000 on Ebay. While this might seem like a hefty sum, its probably well worth owning a lost piece of gaming history. The sellers were a group of Video Game Preservationists, who for some reason never decided to dump the roms for the public. Perhaps the cartridge’s new owner will be a bit more willing, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, you can check out this footage from the last time the Akira Game Boy prototype made its way online, courtesy of Patrick Scott Patterson on Youtube.

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