Unreleased SNES Prototype Based On 90s Board Game “Atmosfear” Discovered

Unreleased SNES Prototype Based On 90s Board Game “Atmosfear” Discovered

Yet another unreleased prototype video game has been re-discovered, this time an SNES adaptation of the 90s board game Atmosfear.

For those who are unfamiliar, Atmosfear (or Nightmare in certain regions) was a “video board game” originally released in 1991. Although it generally played like a typical horror-themed board game, its unique twist was a special VHS tape that had to be played during each session. The tape would play footage showing a malicious character known as “The Gatekeeper”, who would aid and penalize players at regular intervals throughout the game.

Fast-forward to today, a prototype for an SNES game based on Atmosfear has been discovered by Hidden Palace. It was apparently in development by Beam Software, but was for some reason never completed or released. Interestingly, Atmosfear for the SNES is not a one-to-one adaptation of the board game, but instead a side-scrolling platformer only loosely based on the property.

You can check out some footage of the game in action below, courtesy of Hidden Palace.

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