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x, 0r, Upcoming Powerbank Looks Like A Mega Man Famicom Cartridge | NintendoSoup
Upcoming Powerbank Looks Like A Mega Man Famicom Cartridge

Upcoming Powerbank Looks Like A Mega Man Famicom Cartridge

Mega Man fans in need of some portable mobile juice may want to check out Spiderweb’s latest creation.

Today, the company revealed an officially-licensed powerbank which looks like an original Rock Man Famicom cartridge. While it certainly isn’t compatible with any retro consoles, it’s an awesome way to show off your blue bomber pride.

It will be going for 4590 yen (around $40). You can check it out on Spiderweb’s website here.

Unfortunately, the company only seems to deliver its products strictly within Japan. You may have to consult a middleman if you want to get your hands on this cool merch.